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HP315 Digital Camera

The simple-to-use HP Photosmart 315 series 2.1 MP digital camera takes high-quality photos you can share with family and friends on the Internet or via e-mail. It comes with HP software for manipulating, storing, and printing photos.

I bought this discontinued camer on sale for $65. At that price its a steal. There is no optical zoom and the digital zoom really degrades the picture so its not worth using. It came with an 8mg Compact Flash card which I never use as it doesn't hold many images. You really need a minimum of 128mg. I opted for a 512mg card which hold over 600 images at the highest resolution. For Windows XP and 2000 users, the USB cable is only useful to transfer images from the camera IF the memory card is 32mg or less. Anything larger and you'll have to use a separate card reader. That may be a pain for some but since these cameras are hard on battery power, it makes more sense to skip the AC adapter and put the memory card in a reader and use Adobe Photoshop Album, Picassa, or ACDSee to download & organize the images. Most of the images on this web server were captured with this camera as I take it with on my bike. It can be a little slow to take a picture but when you consider the price, I can wait a second.


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