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Cyclists, from hardcore racers to casual weekend riders, can now document every detail of their cycling lives, from mileage and intensity to health and bicycle maintenance, with Bikers Log. Bikers Log is designed to be easy to use, yet, because the information is held on your computer, allows you to analyse the information in many ways which would be impractical in a manual system.

• Allows an unlimited number of riders each to record details for an unlimited number of bikes.
• Log details of your rides, with summaries, sorting, searching, grouping, filtering and printing.
  Save often ridden routes for quick data entry.
• Maintenance log, automatically updated when rides are logged. With sorting and warnings
  for pending and overdue tasks. Maintenance report prints tasks that are due or overdue.
• Milestones (targets), track your progress against any number of milestones.
• Graphs, ride, trip, session type, race and health, graphs. Graphs can be printed, copied to the
  clipboard and saved to disk.
• Health log, record all aspects of your health including weight, measurements, blood pressure and pulse.
• Diary with reminder facility.
• Body fat, heart rate, spoke length and gear calculators, plus a unit converter for distances,
  weights and temperatures.
• Categorised tips database.


I've use a couple log programs and even created spreadsheets for my own use but I believe this one is the best so far. The basic features are there like all the others, but the little extras are what put this at the top and I'm not even using the entire package. I like the graph section. You can get instant images of your data and have total control over which elements of your data will be graphed. Choices are; ride details, number of trips, trips by type, and distance by type. There is also a selection for your race results. For those using their bike to lose weight or gain muscle, theres an ability to log that data in great detail as well. Thats quite alot of program for what used to be $30 US. It has been released as freeware now but its no longer updated.









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