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Nite Hawk Dual Pro Lighting

Thirty blinding watts of 12 Volt halogen light, the Nighthawk Dual Pro is the most light you can get for your dollar, anywhere! A 10-watt lamp (up to 2.5 hrs run time) and a 20 watt lamp (1.1hr run time) get their juice from a 12 volt (brighter whiter light) 2.6 Amp hr. SLA battery that fit's standard bottle cages. The Advanced Automatic Charger makes recharging a no brainer so you can concentrate on riding.

I picked up this system when I started my 4:30am rides. Setup was pretty simple, the curved extent ions didn't work out as I have a handlebar bag so the lights are on top of the bar. The bag, cyclometer, and curved handlebar, do not leave much room for anything else so the switches end up velcroed on the stem. Its not perfect but it works. Since the power connector to the lamps are on the bottom they occasionally pop off if the trail gets rough. It can be alarming to loose all light when riding. On my first ride I used both lamps and ran out of juice with a few miles left to go. The sun was just coming up so I had enough light to make it home. Now, I have both lamps connected but only use the 20 watt if I'm riding less than 2 hrs, any longer than that and I only use the 10 watt. The 10 watt lamp provides more than enough lighting to see trail hazards at a distance. I was able to see the reflective eyes of raccoons, opossums, and rabbits, long before they may have darted into my path. Recharging is a breeze as the charger is "plug and forget". LED's on the charger let you know its done and prevents overcharge the battery.

Typical price is $119 but if you look on Ebay you can find them used for under $40. I picked up a second unit for my riding partner as well as extra parts. One headlamp is beginning to cloud, not bad enough to prevent using. I've contacted the company and they've never seen so much residue in a light head. While they did not offer to replace it, they did offer a "buy one get one free" deal. I'm still contemplating the offer.

PROS: Price, in the same cost of much lesser units. The trickle charger can be used at anytime with no negative effects on the battery. Dual switches so you can control the volume of illumination. Easy to remove headlights. Durable construction. Multiple mounting options. Includes helmet mount. Works well in the rain.

CONS:The battery is a little large but will fit in most bottle cages, system weight is 3lbs. Cables are long and need to be tied. Velcro straps to contain switches come loose. Connector to headlamps occasionally pop out. Short run time when using both lamps. While switches are easy to use they are a bit large.

UPDATE: The company is no more. These lights and batteries are no longer available.

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